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We’re a company of people who want more than just a “J. O. B.” and never settle for the status quo. We prioritize personal growth, being the best at what we do, and enjoying ourselves along the way. If you're a high-performer who values quality over quantity and wants an environment conducive to growth (both personal and financial), you may have found what you’re looking for.

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180 Degrees Different:

Perspective and mindset are everything

We can’t control everything, so we control what we can - our attitudes, our actions, and our reactions. Because the lens through which you look shapes your experiences, we choose to show up every day with an abundant mindset, seek to reframe obstacles as opportunities, help each other shift when needed, and operate within a culture of empowerment. 

TL;DR: Your attitude determines your outcome.

Your success is influenced by who you surround yourself with

Research shows that sitting next to a high performer increases your performance by 15%, but sitting next to a poor performer decreases your performance by 30%. We're a team of people who want to get better every day, to hone our craft by leveraging each other's knowledge and experience to become better, individually and collectively.

TL;DR: We care to help each other improve because success is contagious.

Dedication to high quality

Our brand’s foundation is centered around committing to quality over quantity and providing an elevated experience all around. We go to great lengths to ensure that our team has the knowledge and tools to uphold our brand promise in everything we do.

TL;DR: We don’t phone it in.

Great experiences are formed in great processes

Just as our team strives to make our clients' lives easier and save them time, we do the same for our team. We've established best-in-class processes that ensure clients and candidates have a consistently awesome experience. We've automated the busywork and documented workflows, so our team can focus on what matters – building authentic relationships and delivering excellent service.

TL;DR: Your experience matters too.

A brand that supports you

This isn't just a network of recruiters sharing back-office services. We've established a brand known for excellence in everything we do. Our business comes heavily from referrals, and we drive client leads that understand our value. From driving and distributing leads to attending, sponsoring, and speaking at conferences to build a presence that pays you back, we're investing in you as well as your success.

TL;DR: We built a brand that our team can be proud of, and we're building a team that upholds our brand.

Live your best life

We are a fully remote company and know that great work can be done anywhere. Each person is responsible for defining and achieving their own level of success as well as the work style and daily decisions that get them there. You'll find our founders answering emails on the chair lift or taking calls through their Bluetooth ski helmets while bombing down a groomer. It's not uncommon for team events to be held on the beach or a client meeting to take place on a rooftop lounge.

TL;DR: You can call it work/life balance, but we just call it life.

Get paid what you’re worth

At 70%, our commissions are 2x (or more) than most traditional agencies. We're also the first recruiting agency of this type to devote ourselves to building a brand for the benefit of the team.

TL;DR: Commission? Make that a double.

You’d be a great fit for our team if:

  • You’re a full-cycle recruiter or a Client Relationship Manager who is willing to roll their sleeves up and source candidates if needed.
  • You work autonomously and love managing your own desk but crave the camaraderie and collaboration of a team.
  • You’re dedicated to putting relationships first, even when it means sacrificing a deal for the good of your client or candidate.
  • You're committed to the highest quality work every time and always seek to do the right thing.
  • Personal and professional growth is a priority, and you’re proactive about finding ways to improve, learn, and iterate.
  • You have a low enough ego to learn from high performers and a desire to mentor up-and-comers.

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It’s Time For a Full 180

It’s Time For a Full 180